Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The darkness wealth brings upon most souls (#2630)

     Since I have never been wealthy this piece may seem to be pretentious on my part. Since I value personal experience as a a critical element of objective knowledge. Yet I don't base this piece on that specifically, only generally. I cannot say for certain or with any authority that what I do use, my observations, are neatly convincing. However, what is indisputable is that once wealth has been obtained, most do not live in an environment of pre-wealth existence. Another noticeable trait is that wealth creates new desires. When souls are around other souls who struggle the struggles themselves are the most vivid reminders of our care for each other, whereas when removed from those struggles, they diminish in our psyche's priority.
     Instead of the pain and suffering of ourselves, our families and friends, as our critical reminder of how most live, the wealthy are not so burdened by those happenings and instead focus on the comforts and glories the new wealth make possible. Moving to new digs that are exclusive and glamorous take the visual effect of poverty and lesser off souls from our minds and are replaced with what beauty can be bought. This doesn't make the wealthy bad for wanting a break from what is reality for most everyone else, but it does begin the process that takes the wealthy away from the urgency of misery.
     What does become the problem is the slow evolution from the effects of wealth accumulation upon most all living souls to an artificial reality where money can make the justifications that those who are not wealthy deserve their lot in life. An acquiescence to the cynicism that the wealthy are more special than those who are not wealthy. The wealth illusion feeds upon itself to make sure it can maintain it's superiority over their natural consciences. The wealthy are not born as the ego driven that wealth appears to make so many of it's members, Instead the wealth class intuits it's members to change who they were into something they are not. But once there they perpetuate the problem. Very few can fight to get back to a principled human being if they ever were. Wealth has a dark side that infects what is better and best about all of us, our care and our wonder.

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