Thursday, April 21, 2016

The discipline of integrity (#2638)

     Integrity is a learned behavior. It is not naturally instinctual. What is more instinctual is our will to survive and often that has nothing to do with integrity. However, our civilizations have evolved into parameters that allow us to move from our more aggressive earlier state to a more evolved state of being. Yes, we are evolving as a species. As we gain more and more information as knowledge we move further away from our more primal state of being, which was necessarily a priority given the harsh and brutal nature of our environment. But creative innovation and logical sequencing has moved us past that era of our earlier human timeline.
     The new era we are currently in is one of transition. We can now hold ourselves accountable through the logic of our comprehensive consciousness. We are accountable to our society and to our species and "lesser" species as well. We have come to realize that the sovereigns we needed to placate our fears are less important now and more important is the rationalization of our constantly new and updated information processes. We are less fearful of existence now than we have ever been. Mainly because we have developed tools to help us make sense of what is right in front of us and out beyond that.
     The mysteries of life are coming to us in the form of answers, not quaking fear. As we continue on the path of modern rationalization we find that an honest and truthful approach is the most applicable form of communicating across cultures and languages. An integrity applied to discovery is the most useful form of bringing us all in to the process of learning from the unknown to make it known. Science and logic are doing this for us but having an honest integrity about it is as crucial as finding answers to questions that have stymied us for our entire existence. As I work to live my life with integrity our species is also moving forward into a new paradigm of behavior that reflects the advances we have made in our own enlightenment.

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