Friday, April 22, 2016

The "do as I say not as I do" republican party (#2639)

     It is obvious to me anyway how the republican party likes to hold others to account but not themselves. There are too many numerous instances of this out there for me to even list them but as as example let's look at the standard of care they hold for their own constituents over the standard of care they hold for others who are not their constituents. Disaster relief being one such circumstance. When New Jersey was inundated with a horrific storm many republicans voted against helping them with federal aid. But now that Texas is inundated with horrific storms they desire the same help from the federal government that they previously voted to deny New Jersey. This is an obvious case of being extremely hypocritical.
     Another area of hypocrisy is the manner in which republicans want us to live under the dogma of religion, Christianity in particular, yet these same advocates wish to exclude themselves from these very strictures. Committing adultery, being involved in theft, drugging. Just a few examples of republicans in public office clamoring for a more religious based society while exempting themselves. Now none of this is news or a surprise to me since I have all along known that controlling the masses is the real agenda, not how we are to approach a moral life. Morality is the tool to crowd control and that is how republicans plan to actuate their version of our society.
     Instead of allowing our citizenry to participate in a democratic society, republicans want to maximize their control over us and minimize our participation in it. It is as if the republican party is using the illusion of religious doctrine to hide the fact that they want to be our sovereign. Republicans want to be the god like figure we hold in high esteem, through whatever means will work for them. Do not be fooled by their current appearance of being foolish. They are not fools and instead only wish to make fools of us.

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