Saturday, April 16, 2016

The hard never gets easy (#2633)

     The hard. Doing what is right when it there is a heavy price to pay. What ever it takes regardless of the outcome. The hard is where your principles meet reality. There is no excuse making or deflecting, it is just what must be done. Nothing about this existence confronts us with anything less than hard. We try to make things easy by taking shortcuts or ignoring facts or by figuratively changing reality to fit our comfort level. It is an illusion that is highly desired given the punishment often waiting for the effort to be real. The hard is worth it though. the hard is where your character is built. the hard is where your personality takes shape.
    I wish the world were less full of hard choices and hard solutions. Yet I cannot make it so by myself. I can however keep doing what is hard and smile despite the detriment it does to all comfort and safety I may desire. I am but a blip on the timeline of life so my little world of misfortune and failure is of very very very little consequence. So when I am allowed to fight for what is right at least I get to experience a power like none other. A courage to take what ever is flung at me through the whirligig of out of control motions. I can find solace and appeal in the idea that I can stand against the tide of easiness and cynicism.
     I was born with nothing but the skin covering who I am so why should I expect my end to be any different? All that happens in between is but marking time to do whatever my soul requires of me. So fight and defend my principles is what I honor. I accept that difficulty and the hard that comes with it but make no mistake I cherish it as well once I get beyond my own frailties. Oftentimes I forget that I will be what makes me, me and nothing that intervenes in that has a value worthy of what I hold dear.

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