Sunday, April 10, 2016

The wealthy and their followers still blaming the poor for not being rich (#2627)

     Positions of privilege and advantage have their well, privileges and advantages. How the few who somehow do become successful can sit back and tell the rest of us that we aren't trying hard enough is rich, literally and figuratively. Apparently through all their privileges and advantages they failed to notice that in a capitalistic society very few come out on top. That is the very nature of capitalism, not some grand illusion that we can all be wealthy conservative/republicans seem to be trapped in. By the very nature of capitalism only those few who somehow, legally or not, are able to navigate the waters of capital acquisition in order to bring their products or ideas to the market have a chance to succeed.
     Most ideas or products from our innovative and merit driven ones are hijacked from them in the diabolical process we have as capital financing. The wealthy are quite agile in forcing their way into new areas of development by compromising ownership and control of burgeoning creations. That way the wealthy stay wealthy and new ones who are able to keep a semblance of their ideas or products are left with far little because of the mergers they must make in order to realize their dreams. And those are the lucky ones. Most all others are left with little to nothing to show for their products or ideas.
     We are the ones who are used by the capitalists to oil their machinery of success. When we take our 40 hour or more a week jobs from them they feel no loyalty to our labor, they only feel loyalty to their bottom line. Capitalism is not about making society more equal or about improving the prosperity of all of it's citizens. Capitalism is about survival of the fittest and eventually becoming, like the child wrestling activity, king of the mountain. So for all those wealthy and their illogical followers who continue to blame the brokenness of poverty on those of us who are poor, I say you are the problem for why our nation has become a laughingstock to the world for our lack of democratic values. Meanwhile we poor continue to suffer at the hands of the foolish and greedy. My guess is that it won't be much longer.

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