Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Compromise should always err on the betterment of things, not the worst of things (#2665)

     Common sense dictates that if a perfect answer is not available then a nearly perfect answer should be offered as a compromise. In the meantime, our society will take what best we humans can offer, until a time comes in the future to make that previous compromise obsolete with a perfect solution. Never should a compromise from the perfect actually make a problem worse. yet that is what we have with republican politicians. They don't see the problems the same way we democrats do. We see poverty and want to make it obsolete, while republicans see poverty and blame those in it for them being in it, with no plan to make it go away.
     Democrats see our nation's infrastructure crumbling and want to fix it while republicans see our nations infrastructure crumbling and instead ignore it. Republicans want to reduce taxes for the wealthy so instead of spending on infrastructure repair and replacement, they will just let it fall apart on it's own while increasing the income inequality here in America. Republicans want more personal freedom for themselves and less government intervention in their capitalistic enterprises While at the same time wanting greater government intervention in the personal decisions of women. A bit hypocritical but who cares when those with all most of the money, republicans, control the narrative.
     Republicans have managed to make compromise a dirty word in our politics, economics and social lives. They see not that we need to improve on the policies of equality and fairness, but instead see a future where only the strong survive. A dog eat dog world where the wild west meets Mad Max. As long as they can control what democracy looks like and how it is defined, we, the rest of us citizens are expected to accept it. Our voting is being restricted while our ability to find good paying jobs is going away. Our wages are stagnant while the wealthy enjoy the greatest income inequality gap in a century, while still wanting more. I would rather compromise with the Green Party to get things done before I compromise with republicans. They have worn out their welcome.

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