Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finding that peaceful place without an ego (#2678)

     I hear this way too much. I can't do this because it violates my principles. I use that same line at times but the difference with me is that there are other options that are better. In politics, where we come down to two candidates, there are only two options who will be elected and no matter how stiff an upper lip I keep in keeping my principles, one of the two candidates will win. Now do I think either is perfect? No, but one is better than the other and if it still is bothersome to me to have to vote for the candidate that is less egregious to me then that is the compromise that I must make.
     For one thing there is no perfect candidate so who I am kidding when I say I won't vote for some candidate based upon my principles? Nothing in life is perfect. Let me say that again, nothing in life is perfect so we are in a constant state of compromise. This is where we can begin to see that our own ego is as much fault with our world view as anything. Thus finding a place to feel grounded and safe is far better than to be at constant odds with ourselves. Our egos tell us that we can always have or do better, which is fine when taken in context. Reality also tells us that we get better and improve our lives through large or small steps forward, more small that large steps by the way.
     So realizing that we can get to a more modern paradigm with our society while still being able to uphold our principles is possible. Our principles just need to be realistic with what we have and not solely idealistic. For one thing those who have no principles worthy of our best natures will vote for their candidate regardless of any perceived noble stance we take. In fact they are counting on us being immovable so that their candidate, who is the worst of the lot can get elected. I and everyone I know want a more perfect candidate if possible but if not we are not immune to knowing that if we don't rally behind the less imperfect candidate, pain and suffering will continue and our reality will change and it won't be for the better.

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