Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I have no belief system, just a reality system (#2657)

     I don't "believe" in magic, myth nor superstition. But that is just me. There are many who have at least some belief in a magical being of a greater order, yet I am not one of them. Why? I suppose it is because I am a logical human being who likes to practice common sense. Now that isn't all but it is at the heart of who I am. Not always who I was in the past but who I am now. Another thing I am not afraid of is death. I would image that many have belief systems because they are afraid of what happens after we die, to our spirits or souls. Again, not me. I think of it this way. I came into this existence with no knowledge of how I got here, surely through the birth process we humans practice, but as a soulful or spiritual being I have no clue.
     Logically for me I was a soul only after I got here. How do I know that? Well first I have no memory of anything prior to being born. Nothing, not even a hint of anything. Everything I am has been formed here in existence. I have seen death here with others of us and in no fashion have I seen any existence of those souls after their bodies expired. Again, the logic in me has to admit that in context with all evidence, there is nothing as evidence to being a spirit or soul after death. This is where I have to admit that reality is my true living environment, so I cannot "believe" in an afterlife. Which kind of makes having a belief system for me rather moot.
     Others say that I need a belief system so that I can understand and be regulated to be a moral person. For that I can honestly say that I don't need a concept of belief in order to be a kind and decent human being. It is natural within me to want to enjoy life with everyone else. I feel privileged to having been born at all so everything after that is wonderful. I find that my morality and ethics stem from within me as well as my curious nature. Anyone who has ever read my blog has undoubtedly been exposed to my acceptance that we all have compassion and curiosity as base natures so what we do with that as to moral and ethical thoughts and behaviors are truly up to us, without the need for an artificial construct to keep me "in line".

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