Monday, May 23, 2016

Keeping my perspective (#2670)

     I am not some machine that just rolls along without a care to what is going on around me. I am a human being who has urges and desires but must temper those urges and desires in order to live within a civilized society. Now my physical nature is not all who I am. I am also a thinking, rationalizing, logic using being as well. In other words I am more than the just skin enveloping my taken space. So when I make a choice or decision I have to weigh a lot of factors. Nothing is just known in my mind so I have to pause long enough to make sense of what I am about to say or do. I have to have a perspective of the balance between just doing what I want and doing what is best.
     Some don't make that distinction as they somehow see themselves as above the common sense of socially acceptable behavior. Apparently they think that giving up any portion of their illogically defined right to do whatever they want is an abomination not to be borne in the light of day. So they do their dirty deeds in the darkness where they can hide with the other nefarious shadows. There is a compromise we all need to make to exist in this current social structure. We have to put our good personal wants and desires on the back burner in order to fulfill a greater good. We need to establish our society in all it's paradigms to align with the democratic principles of equality, fairness and justice.
     Now we can also bring about our own good wants and desires when they are available but just knowing that the greater good is a higher priority is a start. We are forcing a turn about of our own behavior by changing from being selfish and controlling to being more selfless and sharing. We are not what others tell us we are, we are always more than we think we are. The human species is the most amazing compilation of complexity. We are by far the most advanced entity to have ever graced this Universe in our meagerly known, but advancing enlightenment. I keep my perspective about me as a reminder that I am flawed and need reinforcing measures to continue my path through this struggle to evolve into an even greater example of the human spirit.

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