Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Never stop trying (#2658)

     This has served me well. Even when I couldn't formulate my own argument about something I felt passionate about I didn't give up. I let my old friend time pass and then eventually I could speak from a position of authority. I allowed myself the time needed to become wiser and more mature in my understandings before finally working on achieving my goal. Just because it was impossible when I was a bit younger to voice my thoughts in an articulate way, I never gave up. Like all things in life, if they are worth achieving they must never be given up on. I am still working on some things that I care about and when the time comes for them to come into fruition I will look back and again realize that what I never gave up on may still come true.
      Not everything always works out as we all know in different ways, but if it is a worthy endeavor then it has a decent chance to succeed. The power of the word, trying, is incredible. It is almost a purpose for life all by itself. So many have given up on their hopes and dreams to settle for less than what their minds and souls dreamed. A mindset of cynicism that settles for less as a cop out for not trying to the end. It is that kind of compromise that destroys our inner being to the point of us losing sight of our best virtues. By not trying for the length of our lives we become a shell of the person that we were. What is best about us humans is that we can imagine amazing things but not if we let go of our own hopes and dreams.
      Taking what we know is right and good from the beginning of our lives all the way through our lives unless we achieve it before we die, is how we should live. We should never settle for less, even when we cannot express perfectly what it is we want. That will come with time and wisdom, you cannot rush that. But what you can do is never let anything, even compromise dissuade you from achieving what you know is right and good. A rule of thumb for that is that there is no harm caused and although all may not benefit, most will. On a personal note, it is what your heart may feel in conjunction with the bigger picture. Always a tricky equation. Good fortune to all.

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