Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reality is my home (#2652)

     Give me what is real and I am happy. I have no time for things that have to be believed in order to make some sense of things. I would rather be in a state of unknowing because that unknowing for me is real, not something that makes me "feel" better. I don't need a salve in order to live a good and purposeful life. I am more logical and common sense oriented. It is enough to keep me busy trying to understand my universe without me needing anything else outside those parameters. I understand that life is short and then it is over. What I do in between my birth and death is what matters to me and the only absolute I know is that I live in a real place with many unknowns.
     I accept that and base my thoughts and actions solely on  that. I have mentioned numerous times the nature of this blog. It is my understanding that we have two distinct natures to us humans, one being compassion and the other being curiosity. I do include a lesser nature of survival but it is like a moon compared with the other two planets. I bring this up because my ethics and morality are ingrained in me through my care and my wonder. I don't need an artificial construct to allow me to feel comfortable in my own skin. I let my inner courage guide me through life and with that courage is an eye toward being honorable. What happens after my life is over is not my concern. I won't be here any longer and nothing after I am gone will change that.
     But while I am here I know I will continue to learn that which is available that I don't know and seek out and discover even more. I will use the tools that have been forged over the millenniums to help me understand new concepts and add to my memory's comprehensive accumulation. I will trust that logic and common sense about our human nature are the best we have for deciding how to advance our species into the future. I live in reality, not some illusion of one that placates my fears. I wish all would join me in this journey and together we all can face whatever comes with courage, dignity and intelligence.

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