Thursday, May 19, 2016

Republicans are destroying modernity (#2666)

     There is no other way to grasp the effects of what republicans are trying to do. They are against the working middle/poor class at almost every turn. The middle class had been America's great achievement prior to this current cabal of republicans taking power. But that great American achievement has been undermined by policies specific to republicans. Such as attacking unions and making laws that disband unions wherever possible. Republicans also are working hard to eliminate or reduce the minimum wage throughout America. So not only are they attacking the middle class by shuttering unions and giving corporations tax incentives to move middle class jobs overseas, they are going after the least protected economic class, the poor, by lowering the poor's ability for economic progress.
     We also see republicans going after our national investments. We workers have paid into medicare and social security over the span of our working careers and now republicans want to lower our benefits while trying to privatize the best public run retirement and health programs in our nations history. By privatizing these insurance investments, republicans hope to dismantle them through private sector profit capitalism. I say republicans are destroying modernity because instead of bolstering our nations ability to give opportunity to all of our citizens, republicans are taking away as many opportunities as they are able. They find that a massive low paid workforce helps the wealthy remain wealthy and continues to add to the already outrageous income inequality gap.
     I may seem to be very cynical on my expression about republicans but I have been around long enough to see the pattern. There is no hope for them as long as they continue to hold things more dear than helping their fellow citizens find the opportunities for success. Republicans don't want our citizenry to have success, they want us barely able to survive as to keep costs down and profits high for their almighty vision, maximum profit for the wealthy and work indenture for the rest of us. The rot that is the republican party must be treated and that treatment is to vote everyone of them out of office in every election going forward.

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