Saturday, May 14, 2016

The nature of the human heart (#2661)

     There is nothing else in the Universe that is as unique and moving as the human heart. By human heart I mean the love we feel toward each other. Now I know we feel other things toward others as well but the emotion of love is special. It has comprehensive properties that are still mysterious to us since the beginning of the human era. Of course the heart is a pump and keeps our life necessary blood flowing but it is more than that. I have felt tremendous love and that feeling is located right in the area of my chest where my heart is. So by saying that the nature of our heart is more than just pumping blood is correct.
     I argue that there are two natures to the human being species. One, our compassion, which is our emotion, and two, our curiosity, which is to know that which we don't. So when I talk about our heart and it's mysteries as they apply to emotion I am talking about the genesis of who we are. We can dismiss our emotion as trivial or irrelevant but when taken in context with the totality of our lives, it is much more than trivial or irrelevant. Our heart allows us to feel life, instead of just exist within it. Our sense of attachment and purpose derives from our need to be touched and acknowledged. We cannot exist in a vacuum by ourselves, we know this. We need each other as finitely as we need to breathe.
     Yet within that there are even more incredible bonds to be experienced. A love for another that rises above any other love that can be understood. A true love as we describe it. A love so intensely overwhelming that our own sense of time and space become secondary to it's experiencing. Some would say that a romanced view of love is for fairy tales and not nearly as factual as fictional stories we read about. Yet I have known love so intense that it bore through the very layer of our skin down to our souls. I know others have known this as well so despite any cynicism and skepticism, our ability to transcend into a love that is greater that any other is real and does exist.

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