Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The world is changing all around me and yet I do nothing (#2651)

     Don't let this be you. Be a human being and get involved in the decisions that effect you and yours. Decide what kind of person you are and then defend that with all your might. The time for hiding in the illusions of escapism are over. No more accepting cowardice over courage. No more embracing ignorance over enlightenment. No more not caring for those things that you know you care about. Just no more time left to be irrelevant. The first part of my life I spent way too much time being afraid of those things that scared me. I would rather deny it then face it. But the best part of my life has been facing what scares me and exposing my fear for what it is, a failure to defend who I am.
     Well I know who I am and I like me. So much so that defending me is a challenge I am eager to accept. It is natural to be afraid, especially when you are young and worry that you won't be able to live a full life. But then what kind of life is that? A fear shell shocked existence with no honor? You have to figure out that living a short honor filled life is exponentially greater than backing down from defending yourself and living a longer more cowardly one. Nathan Hale will always be my inspiration. he regretted as a young man having only one life to give for his country before he was hanged for fighting for his new country. How appropriate that an American hero from the founding of our nation would be the example we all need to look to in order to find ourselves.
     As the Germans found out when they did little to nothing to stop the madman Hitler from dragging them into atrocities that will never be forgotten in the annals of human history. Our time is now for stopping any similar threat to our way of life. Never before in our American history has a time been so vital to protecting who we are as individuals but even more importantly, who we are as a society. Hiding from our courage will only keep us wallowing in cowardice. We all have courage within us we just need to have a strong reason to activate it. How about standing up for who you are and what you care about?

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