Friday, June 17, 2016

Be ready to help (#2695)

     I got a call from my Mom this morning at about 5 am. letting me know that Dad was probably going to need to be taken to the VA hospital this morning. I told her no problem and then set about getting my shower and such early morning things and awaited on stand by for her to call if she felt the need. She also called my sister earlier who was on her way over to them as my Mom was calling me. So I get the call and my sister was just leaving with with our Dad to the VA hospital but she couldn't stay long once she gets him there so Mom was letting me know that I would be needed at the VA hospital shortly.
     I told her no problem I was ready to go, except here I am writing about this right now before I leave. I wanted to get this done today as it could be a long day at the VA hospital with Dad. He has been feeling poorly with a fever the past few days and has himself been hesitant to go to the VA. But like all of us stubborn ones, he finally must have realized that he wasn't getting better and needed more care than he and Mom could give him. Both of my parents are older, at around 80 and have a long list of ailments already. So the need to go to the VA hospital, which by the way does not have ambulance service is always a great concern.
     I am just finishing my cup of coffee and am about to head out the door to the VA. I might still even beat my sister there from where she is starting out and I am starting out, but the longer it takes me to get this written the less chance of that. Either way though I will be there shortly and my sister Tyke will have Dad checked in so it will be wait there with Dad until we get some information as to what is causing his fever. I will try to post something about it later but the last time I was at the VA the wifi there is spotty. I wish everyone a happy day and remember that when it is time to take care of those who deserve our attention always make sure you are at the ready. :)

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