Saturday, June 25, 2016

Everyone must vote for the Democratic party (#2703)

     First let me make this perfectly clear. I am a democrat because democrats are fighting for the working middle poor class. Now our party is not perfectly aligned with all progressive ideals but for the most part we are. We are 10's of millions and we all have differing opinions on how our party platform should be expressed. I get that! Yet there is no other viable political party this close to the election that is remotely close to helping we working middle poor class. So let's say that there are 5 million really wealthy in America. Now of these 5 million, I would guess that most are republicans because well as we all know, the republican party represents the wealthy.
     So I can see the majority of them voting for republicans. So who else would vote for republicans? There are the zealous evangelical who think that America should not be a secular nation and instead be a religious one. Of those are the sheep type people who will follow the political path directed by their republican leaning church leaders as a general rule. So let's go with another 5 million. So far I have about 10 million who would vote for republicans no matter who their standard bearer is. Who else would vote for republicans in a big block? I can't think of another group. So let's be generous and give republicans another 15 million votes to sweep up all the other possibilities based upon different factors like race and ignorance.
     In 2012, there were approximately 127,000,000 votes cast.,_2012. That would still leave over 100,000,000 voters who hopefully are voting based upon policies that affect them and others. Now maybe I am being naive thinking that there are actual voters out there who weigh such things as policies that affect them. After seeing what Great Britain did in it's Brexit vote we do have to wonder. Yet many of us have been harshly affected by austere republican policies and the difference between republicans and democrats has never been more clear. As the voting time comes down to the actual vote, I am of the opinion that this will be a democratic landslide victory for not only common sense but for the hard hit working middle poor class.

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