Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My life needs to be a little bit messy (#2685)

     Messy? Yeah, messy. I have a pretty good handle on the day to day operations of how my life is lived and that is good to a point. I need to get out and live a little bit outside anything I plan or designate for myself. Life needs to be unexpected at times. Outside the box so to speak. Now I don't violate my principles per se... but I do bend them a little bit so that I am not inflexible to others who have a different viewpoint than my own. I tolerate thoughts and actions that I don't normally associate with as long as they are not specifically harmful to others or myself. I need to be able to have fun and have spontaneity in my life otherwise I lose a part of me in the regular order of things.
     If I am a little messy in my life it leaves open a door for someone to come in and help me clean it up from time to time. Or even to form a relationship over frailties. The permutations are endless when I loosen the binds and fetters I place on myself in order to actually live life instead of just being in it. You may well know that I place great emphasis on being logical and full of common sense for the most part of my life yet even a little bit of nonsense or illogic can bring joy and laughter to me if I remember to compartmentalize it as such. My happiness needs an outlet and the discipline of logic and common sense are not the best vessels for expressing my happiness.
     I am wise enough to know my limitations and/or restrictions but I am also confident enough to know that my failures or successes do not translate over to everyone else. I need to loosen up a bit at times in order to allow for someone else to show their ability to live life. I cannot be the control for all things and I know that. I know as well that I need to be a human being who not only utilizes his abilities for a greater good but for my own sense of humanity. By not keeping every single thing in my life in order, I become more human and less automaton. I need to have fun, it is part of who I am and for that I am lucky to know.

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