Thursday, June 9, 2016

Nose to the stone (#2687)

     A personalized posting today. I have been chasing an electrical outing in my house, which is an old house with the old type screw in fuses and old wiring with old style plugs and switches. Not all of the house has lost power from the main fuse box but enough of the house to black out at least three rooms. I have been trying different solutions from what little electrical knowledge I have but so far no success. So I bought new fuses and changed out all the other fuses that might be the problem but still no success.
     So a little while ago I called on a friend who works as an electrician and he said he will be over after work this late afternoon. Nice to have friends who actually help when a problem arises. This old house has been telling me it is is need of care at almost every turn and I have been successful at solving most all the problems it brings to me but not so far today. At least I have a back up plan to have my friend the electrician come by and put his knowledge and tools to work to figure out what can be done. In the meantime I have extension cords going to the rooms, which are non vital rooms except one of the two bathrooms.
     I almost forgot to get my daily blog post written because I have been so preoccupied with chasing the electrical ghost all day. A positive out of all of this is that I got to change out a couple of dicey receptacles. Small consolation but nonetheless consolation. I knew when I took on this house that I would have to change many things with the fundamentals but I had hoped I wouldn't be surprised with unexpected problems. Oh well. waiting for the electrician has given me time to do some writing about my day. Which is odd because I usually always write when I first get up in the morning or thereabouts. Well anyway, an odd posting but a glimpse into my day today. Oh, and I did get out long enough to smog my truck. lol.

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