Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tax the churches (#2692)

     I have had it! Enough! If the churches are going to espouse their views on politics then they need to contribute to society like all other entities that espouse their political views. In my early days churches were for uplifting souls to God for redemption, not judging souls for death and damnation. I am not a believer in any religion, so church, God and all that is meaningless to me. However, many others do believe and if political attacks and hatred are coming to them from the pulpit then churches should be required to pay taxes like all other political entities. Because God was taught to be a salvation, a entity that brought peace and harmony to all. What we have today is what I like to call the republican Jesus syndrome.
     A hard punishing God who whips his congregants into submission to whatever definition the leader of the church may desire. It seems that interpreting the Bible is a many stop shop. It all depends on what the leaders' political position is that defines how they read the Bible. It is sickening to me that these leaders pull selective passages from the old testament to hate on different groups of people while ignoring the other passages that do point right back at them. It is a selective worshiping process that has evolved. If you hate you can find a church that will hate right along with you. Just forget that passage in the Bible where it says all the other laws are contained in love thy neighbor. Republican Jesus doesn't hang with that anymore.
     I find that organized religion has seen it's end coming and is fighting hard to keep what relevance it has left by morphing into what placates our baser instincts. Turning humans against humans is now a somewhat popular protocol for keeping a church thriving. Well, everything has a price and if a church has the inclination to politicize it's doctrine then it has to pay the piper!

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