Sunday, June 19, 2016

The arrogance of the privileged (#2697)

     It is easy to spot in those who are privileged, they demand. Not only demand but argue against logic as if logic was secondary to their desire. Now I have been a ramrod on many obs because someone has to set the pace for job completion. That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about those who put their own personal or public desires ahead of everyone else's. Those that see the world through their own eyes and wouldn't know humility if it hit them over the head. Those that are incessant about the importance of their concepts regardless of an ever changing world. Those that take belief systems and call them fact systems. The definitions of those who arrogantly use their unmerited privilege as a whip against all that would buttress against them.
     I have those types in my immediate family. Where they seem to think that they are the only ones who can conjure a worthy thought or feel real emotion. I have been fighting against this absurd paradigm my whole life. I have felt it's sting where I have been used and abused instead of thanked and congratulated. It isn't glory or prestige that I seek because I truly do know the essence of humility. I realized early on in my life that but for luck and hard work my life could have been much more miserable. Yet seeing those who take from others as their own and then move on to the next prey are the ones who bring my blood to a boil. Especially the young ones who somehow have convinced themselves that they are more worthy than others of time and space.
     Arrogance of privilege has no age limit though and after some time when the arrogance goes unchallenged it becomes natural to those who employ it. They skate through life like they are the chosen and direct their energies to reinforcing their illusion. No wonder so many display a cognitive dissonance because a part of them know they are wrong for putting themselves on a pedestal but they also feel like they are deserving of it. To me they are only playing at living and making life less enjoyable for the rest of us while they are doing it. Merit is the logical conclusion to deciding who is better suited to do whatever we are measuring, not some inflated imagining that we may suffer as a delusion.

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