Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The difference between life and death (#2707)

     I shouldn't have to make this a subject of a blog post but we do live in the same world and no doubt you see many who cannot distinguish between the two with logic or common sense. In death there is nothing. Our human form ceases to exist and it decays like everything else has since the concept of time. In life there is much to make life as enjoyable and fulfilling as we wish to attempt. Here is where we fail in life and making the most of it. Many would bring aspects of death into our living. Making life hard and arduous filled with disappointment and condescension. So instead of focusing on being alive many choose to ignore life in the whole as long as their own life is better than many others.
     That the death concept of nothing is a strategy that many living choose is a symptom of our society's inability to mature. It is important that we call ourselves immature and know why so that if we have any hope of progressing it will be because we faced our truths and corrected them. Our society of human beings in the past had held, for some reason, that it is more logical than illogical, to be placated as to death and how it affects our living. Let me make this point crystal clear, death is natural to this existence. There is no escaping it and to deny that it has a fulfillment other than it's own nature is to then begin to create an illusion and therefore an unnatural supplication for it.
     It is difficult enough living in this reality and any attempt to make reality less harsh by denying it's nature is childishly immature. I will not accept that nor any thinking that prohibits me from maturing in the true nature of this existence. This may upset many of you who have given to thinking that something beyond our understanding will protect us. I cannot help that. I for one will not allow myself to quit on life so that I can be soothed by it. I know our species is greater than our fears and although I am not immune to being afraid, I won't live in it nor will I respect it.

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