Friday, June 10, 2016

The political awakening (#2688)

     It has not been like the rules we have been using under our democracy have all of a sudden shown themselves to be less than democratic. They have been like this for centuries. So now that some have been enlightened to them during this current political presidential campaign highlights to me one thing different than the actual unequal rules being applied. What it highlights to me is that so few had taken the time to understand how our past political process' had worked. The idea that knowledge is power seems to have been lost when it comes to politics for so many who now are clamoring against the current rules. My question to them is where the hell have you been when many others of us have tried to bring this to your attention?
     Apparently too busy with your lives to be bothered by something that didn't directly affect you. A rule of thumb for the enlightened, wherever injustice or inequality lives is where we need to be changing it, regardless of it's affect on us. Maybe now those who go to high school will actually pay attention in civics class or demand that civics be taught. To many of us are looking to skate by by the skin of our teeth but unfortunately end up being successful at the skating by. We end up with an uninformed society that demands much but places little responsibility on itself to understand how to actually achieve those demands.
     What the Bernie phenomena has produced is an awareness that the political process of nominating is a hodgepodge of irrational processes that favor one candidate over another. The process shouldn't be what decides the outcome of our elections, especially the voter restrictions republicans love to apply, no, the policies of the candidates should be the final arbiter of how we elect our public officials. Maybe now we can get back to learning like we should and not only protecting what equalities we have but changing the inequalities over to equalities. Our society is a nonsensical mess at times and all of us need to be part of cleaning up the mess with an informed mind.

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