Thursday, June 16, 2016

The remarkable human species (#2694)

     I sit here just in amazement as to who we humans are. We have no idea about our beginning except to postulate theories and belief systems but no one truly knows. But despite our beginning, we are here now and given that we are so capable as a species tells me that our future in a vast unknown universe is just beginning as well. Regardless of how we got here, we are here and we have extraordinary skills to apply to any known and unknowns. I am still amazed at our opportunity here. If somehow we can overcome our baser instincts and our illogical fears we have the chance to do amazing things as a species.
     Like all things in time and space, we are starting from the point of view of our own understanding. So we use science and technology to help us understand the significance of our surroundings. We have done extensive study of our own planet and it's natural offerings. We know what we need to exist as far as necessities and we know how to artificially replicate those necessities if needed to move beyond our own planet. We are biologists, geologists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists etc... so we are combining our talents in order to master all that is around us. Long after I am gone and after many are gone that will come after me there should be a great expansion out into space and time that dwarfs our meager imaginings now.
     No entity like we humans have shown themselves to exist so it isn't out of the question that we are the most advanced species yet. Conjecture being what it is tells us that maybe there is a species greater than ourselves out there that we may have ties with or be in competition with. Yet conjecture is just that and until we find some hard evidence of such a phenomenon we must assume that we are it. On Earth here we know of the other two long lived species with us, the exoskeletals and the mollusks. We invertebrates have surpassed both those species and have become the dominant life force here on Earth and now beyond if we keep our manifest destiny based upon what is best about us.

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