Monday, June 6, 2016

The truth is humbling (#2684)

     A friend of mine told me that I was a humble man. In a good way, without sarcasm. I thought about it for a few seconds and it dawned on me that the truth is humbling. If I stay in the truth I should be in constant humility. Regardless of whether I have success or failure, humility should always be my behavior. I know that I am just one human being in a long line of many many human beings who have lived and are living their lives. There is no special power or trait on my part that distinguishes me from anyone else so for me to allow my ego to run wild with ego driven thoughts of my own grandeur are laughable.
     The best part about who I am is me just being me. I like who I am. I do good things with the intention of accomplishing good things. I like helping people help themselves. Nothing gives me greater self satisfaction than to be part of someone else's success. I have found my own inner peace and for that I am humbled. Peace is in my heart and soul despite all the angst in the world. I often feel unworthy of such calmness and although I get into my own harangues from time to time I can still step back into my own insight and know that I am a safe harbor for myself and hopefully as many others as may need.
     The only quest I am on at this time in my life is for more enlightenment and hopefully to be part of some greater exploration of the unknown. I cannot have any of that unless I live in the truth. The truth at least gives me a conclusion for me to add to the rest of our comprehensive reality. If I keep building up truths I know I am on solid footing for getting closer to understanding our existence and for charting out what we may seek to accomplish in our futures. I am optimistic to the point of being hopeful about our species and our better natures as we expand out beyond our current limitations. This is just the beginning of our human era and what is in store for us is excitingly unimaginable as long as we do our best with who we are and stay humble in our truths.

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