Saturday, June 11, 2016

Why are people so afraid? (#2689)

     They won't admit of course but they are afraid. They fear the unknown, they fear a lot of the known and they fear their own death. In fact many of them fear their life. Somehow they have gotten lost on the path of life and now are afraid of most everything. Me, I don't care much about anything in particular but instead I care about everything in general. I want a better world for myself and those who are here with me and are going to be here after I am gone. A world where there is little stress to live. A world where the future has no poverty, no hunger and no avoidable sickness. This isn't much to ask when considering all that our planet has to offer. All it takes is a conscience and a will.
     I am one of those people who is highly uncomfortable with having something excessive when so many have very little. I am a proud man in the best sense of the word. I like to share if I have too much. I like to fight for those who cannot fight for their own rights. My purpose in life is to make life better for all around me. It is a simple purpose but there is no higher one to me. I don't need forgiveness from some belief system. I don't need to question my ethics when my ethics are noble. I don't spend time wrestling with excuses or reasons for me to have more than I need or want. I am happy with the truth of things. An easy carefree life dedicated to making life better. I have never felt so peaceful yet strong.
     Fear is the result of doing something or thinking something that isn't right or is a result of a subconscious attempt to not care. I say my nature is to care about things and to wonder about everything else. I have compassion and I have curiosity. The two main motivations that drive my life. There is no room for fear with them. That which I don't know I eagerly wait to find out. I am not restricted with belief systems that spend more time telling us what not to do and put fear of punishment in the mix. None of that makes sense to me. What does make sense to me are my principles for living succinctly described by John Stuart Mill, "do no harm", the rest is doing good.

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