Monday, July 4, 2016

A day of reflection (#2712)

     A perfect day to reflect on the history of our nation. How we started and where we are going with this union. It isn't easy seeing the larger picture of our place in time and space especially since we are an ever evolving nation. Yet the time to do just that, reflect, is here for us to utilize. Today isn't just about remembering our independence, it is about dreaming of our future. What do we stand for? What is our hope for the future? How can we best achieve these goals? How do we teach our youth what it means to be an American?
     It is good that we have this day honoring our nation and it's achievements and also it's failures. We learn not only from our successes but from our mistakes. At least that is how a great nation advances. Although we are who we are the rest of the world is not us in many ways. So our identity and soul as a nation is important for all to see. We must let ourselves not only lead by words but by example. As many already know, the world is a very complicated place but our principles for living should always outweigh the expediency of a hollow solution. I have found that it is in the hard of things that we are truly measured. There are no shortcuts to doing something right.
     Many of us will gather together to spend the day enjoying the freedom to express our respect for our nation and in those many ways we see our nations identity. We are many of diverse and different cultures. We are the true melting pot that our Lady Liberty represents. Our nation was founded on the idea of shedding oppression and persecution. We sought and found freedom to find our own happiness. The best of our nation represents what our future world could be like and the best of who we are need to be the ones who fight to get us there.

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