Saturday, July 23, 2016

Being afraid is not naturally human (#2731)

     Being courageous is just as easy to do as to be afraid. An added benefit of being courageous is that it makes us feel alive. Whereas being afraid makes us feel dead inside. We get to choose which we want to feel. Sure, there is risk in choosing to feel but that is what is natural, risking whatever we are to defend whoever we are. How we end up feeling about the risks we take or don't take is up to us. I prefer being courageous simply because I know the difference between the courage and being a coward. No real life can be had living as a coward.
     But living with courage is where all of life begins. We courageously fought to breathe our first breath of air as a baby. We didn't think about what would happen if we didn't breathe, we just let our lungs suck in the atmosphere around us and began our lives. Such is the nature of courage. We know what is right and good and by doing what is right and good we are experiencing courage. How do we know what is right and good? The result of it causes no harm and actually helps more than just us. Can you figure that out without too much complexity? Life is simple if we do no harm first and then try to make life better for those around us.
     I want our society to be challenged to achieve greater imaginings than we thought for ourselves. I want all of us to have the freedom to choose how we live our lives under democratic rules. Where equality, fairness and opportunity are there for everyone. Yes everyone on our planet. How do we get there? By working hard to show that it works within our own borders. We have to be the proof of the pudding before anyone else will believe it for themselves outside our own country. It takes courage to stand up for a better world but let me ask you this, what else are you doing that is more important than not harming anyone and making life better around you?

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