Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Getting older but still feeling young (#2721)

     Yes, I am getting older and it isn't easy with all the aches and pains life throws at us but in my soul I still feel like a child. Fresh to face life and it's challenges with a vigor that hasn't changed. That is the thing with getting older, The physical aspect of it is that we are on the backside of life and our bodies are breaking down instead of building up. It is harder to motivate myself to jump out of bed and smile incessantly at the new dawning day. It is more like roll out of bed with care and then shuffle about trying to find my smile. However inside of me I am full of life but with a much more difficult time trying to express it.
     Makes me think that my soul isn't tied to my body like my body is tied to my soul. My soul stays young while my body doesn't. I will take it though since feeling young in my soul makes life a constant intrigue and helps to motivate me to push beyond the normal limits of my now less than admirable body. We humans are so unique in that we can express what is happening to us and with us in real time and make some sense of it. We surely don't know the why of life and how all of everything makes sense but we at least have the capability to live in our limited time with a hope that someday we may know.
     As I am passing through this cycle of life and getting closer to the end of my days I realize the one thing time and space has not changed, that being my soul. I am that young child who just first came aware, and although I have matured in my eye's mind, I haven't lost the vigor for life I first started out with. I am not the naive one I started out as but I am still that fresh new soul looking at all this existence and wondering everything about it. Nothing has changed from that first concept of what is all this? Except of course the body that carries me around. It is getting older and failing in perceptible and imperceptible ways. Not so with my soul. It is my rock and for that I am amazingly grateful.

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