Thursday, July 14, 2016

Humility is a strength (#2722)

     What do I mean by that? Simply, by being humble we get to ease into what really matters to us. If I choose to live a good life I will choose to do good things. I am humbled by the concept that I exist in a place where I had no plan to be. I was born with no idea as to how I came into being, yet here I am able to think and reason. I have this marvelous although imperfect body to carry me around in and a mind that is like a sponge constantly upgrading and expanding. When I really think about it I am in actual awe that I exist. There are no ego trips nor delusions of grandeur where I think I deserve or am entitled to anything except to be alive, now that I am here.
     I get a pass on the being alive thing since it is in my nature to survive. That isn't a delusion, that is a reality. Yet everything else is humbling to me. I am no great thinker or architect of time and space whereas I could have created or allowed to evolve such an existence but I am happy to be here and given the abilities I have I plan on using them to my fullest. It is the least I can do to satisfy my good fortune. Utilizing my physical abilities with my capacities of mental observation and comprehension, I have a starting point. But none of it can be effective in honoring my existence if I don't placate myself to this Universe. I may be full of vim and vigor but if I don't constrain my emotions to a simple form of humility then I won't be respecting what I know is right.
     I am human and know that I will fail to be humble at all times. I know how I have been and how I will be when it comes to certain situations. Yet I continue to improve on my faults. At this age in my life cycle I realize just how short life is when we get busy doing things that only maintain our lives instead of fulfilling them. I am not on some quest for magical understanding of life, I am just wanting to be more humble in my journey. I can do this by letting go of the things that are not good and grabbing onto the things that are good.

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