Sunday, July 10, 2016

Intelligence is a tool, not a weapon (#2718)

     There are far too many who have given up on learning. It seems that being lazy about the mysteries of the world is easier and more desirable. For me it is like settling for table scraps on the floor as a goal and never getting to the table itself. This blog is devoted to the two main natures of humanity, care and curiosity. So why wouldn't we allow our curiosity to flourish? Why wouldn't we care enough to be helpful? It seems that a pervasive attitude of hatred is beneath it all because why would we not make our world better?
     We all live here and have the same human capabilities so what is the problem? It seems that we are the problem, or more specifically, the different we. An idea of separation based upon skin color and/or ethnicity is of a higher value than prioritizing all of human life as sacred. That defies the fundamental law of intellectualism. We cannot dispute facts, because facts tell us that we are all the same except some superficial differences. Our DNA and our ability to function as most all humans do is the same. So why would we stoop to such a low concept as segregating and classifying ourselves based upon illogical assumptions?
     The idea that our society is functioning properly is wrong. If our society was functioning properly we wouldn't have such painful nonsense captivating the minds of our citizenry. There is an inherent flaw circulating through our society and for me it begins with poverty. Why we keep an economic system that stresses and strains the majority of our population while doing little to alleviate that stress is an obvious factor. Another is the lack of care we exhibit toward our educational systems. We need to demand more from education so that we can demand more from our students. We need a society that thinks beyond the illogical and out into the proven facts of life and nature. Intelligence is a tool that can used to elevate our consciousness beyond that which is hateful and used to demean and demoralize us.

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