Friday, July 29, 2016

Never stop trying to make life less hard (#2737)

     What else you doing with your time? Guys like Trump are off playing and enjoying themselves without a care for anyone else. People like me are working and learning of new ways to take some of the difficulty out of survival. The playboys of the world are about themselves and what they can get to satisfy their own egos. Servants like me are about seeing the happiness on the face of someone who hasn't been happy in a long long time. So being a billionaire or pretending you are one and getting all your temptations and desires addressed whenever you want seems like an ideal life. But when you consider the cost of such debauchery and greed you realize for the first time that someone else is paying.
     Not in dollars and cents but in struggle and frustration. So that the wealthy can act like demigods, many others must be under valued. It should be obvious from history that only a few at the top can live a supposed dream life and everyone else must suffer through their meager lives. I won't tolerate that kind of living of life without fighting back. I want us all to have a fair and equal shot at building a better life. I want us all to be the next genius who figures out some answer to some trouybling problem. I want us all together to help each other never fall below the floor of what it is to be a decent human being.
     Guys like Trump aspire to be king of the hill and once they do get on top of the hill they will never let anyone knock them off. That is the nature of the self aggrandizement crowd. They are in it for themselves and everyone else be damned. They could care less about the quality of life others are left with in the wake of their own conquests. The many of us who are not like Donald Trump realize that fantasy is not reality. We realize that the everyday interactions we make with others is the key to happiness in our lives. We are a community oriented species and although some do not or cannot recognize that, the majority of us do.

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