Sunday, July 31, 2016

Republicans prefer racism over morality and ignorance over knowledge (#2739)

     It can only be inferred that since so many republicans are backing Donald Trump that they know what he is about. Donald is a racist and a misogynist but that doesn't seem to faze his republican party Since this coming election is closer than it should be at this point it is obvious to all that his backers are not concerned with these degrading and nefarious traits of their nominee. Which also tells me that they do not accept democracy as their form of government. Democracy demands equality, fairness and opportunity. These folks who back Trump do not.
     They instead demand a form of government that has class systems to it like India Where segregation is still a part of society that has an intentional purpose. Which is to sever out those who are unwelcome. Republicans embrace this notion of the white race being above all other races. They also embrace the notion that men are superior to women. What is even more troubling than the concept, is that many republican women agree with them. The mindset that there is a hierarchy of human life forms is an old tired concept utilized by the nastier segments of our society to gain control, power and wealth. Since the age of enlightenment however this myth of hierarchy has been shown to be false.
     Yet republicans are not amused by intellectualism. In fact they are disdainful of intelligence as a rule. Republicans have shown us that knowing and being curious are not valued traits. They find that no knowledge nor curiosity is a better life path. The goal of the republican party is to dismantle democracy and replace it with a form of government that favors some, specifically white republicans, and dismiss the rest to irrelevance or worse. This is not some wild tale of fantasy here, this is what is actually happening.

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