Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Resting our minds (#2727)

     Everyday I sit at my computer and put together a couple of hundred or more words to express my opinions and feelings on certain subjects. Today is different. My mind has nothing to offer anyone at the moment except to rest. There are some things I could comment about but they are not important nor enlightening. So sometimes it is best to sit back and listen instead of speak. Which is a bit difficult to do on a page like this. Yet I can meander about here describing my listening in real time. More than anything I am still feeling the loss of my cat since yesterday my next door neighbor found his dog had died during the night.
     All the emotions are coming back after I thought they had started to dissipate a bit. Yet not even those feelings are holding me back from being opinionated today. I just need a rested mind. I keep pushing myself to strain the limits of my endurance and the result, unlike when I was younger and could push through rough patches, is that I hit the proverbial wall. My mind needs a rest. Today will be that day since my fence work is at a completion and there is nothing on my calendar for today to accomplish except to maybe shuttle my friends and brother to the river so they can float down on their kayaks and canoe.
     If my lower back wasn't in so much irritating pain I would likely join them but even the thought of sitting erect is uncomfortable. So doing nothing today except listening to what my friends on the computer have to say about current events or watching something on the television, I expect I will get my wish and have a restful day. I know that life is short and falling behind on anything is a form of procrastination, yet the health of my mind and the refreshing it obviously needs must come first. I hope there was something in all this that makes your day a bit better.

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