Saturday, July 30, 2016

Use logic, it will serve you well (#2738)

     If you have any question about anything at all except maybe an emotional situation, use logic to figure it out. You know how emotional things are, sometimes logic is the wrong approach. :) Anyway, everything else needs to be thought out in an equation form. If I do this then that will happen. If I do that then this won't happen. Everything we do has a reaction attached to it. So it is highly important that we are rational about all things, other than some emotional issues. Take for instance electing a republican who will end Roe v. Wade. What does that mean? Well, it means that women are once again stuck between a hard place and an impossible place.
     Here is the deal, I love our women so why would I want to make life hard on them? So electing a republican is not a rational choice for me. Here is another instance. Republicans want to end medicare, medicaid and social security. think about that for a moment. anyone who is sick or injured would have to find a way to pay for those ailments out of their own pocket. I don't know about you but my pockets have been empty for too long. I am not the only one since nearly 47 million of us Americans live at or below the poverty national poverty level.
     When it comes to social security, republicans want to privatize it and make it a risky Wall Street investment tool, or eliminate it all together. So I can infer that anyone who votes for a republican either doesn't believe that they will actually take medicare, medicaid and social security away or they actually want those programs to disappear. Now those of us who are defending these programs we have the logical choice to vote for democrats instead who are committed to saving these programs. Logic tells me who to vote for in this current case of the coming election, logic will define how you vote as well. Just know that the logic of choice, whether inadvertent or not, is something no one can hide from.

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