Saturday, July 16, 2016

When the fear time comes (#2724)

     When the fear time comes we know how well we have prepared ourselves to face it. The fear can come in many forms and although we cannot easily be specific in preparing for it we can be generally. First let me tell everyone that fear comes to all of us. No one is immune to experiencing fear. It is the ones who handle fear the best who are the good examples in life. They push past their fear and act accordingly as needed. Which is what we all need to do. How do we do that? By knowing that life is finite and we are all going to have an end. Just knowing that we are not going to live forever helps us to decide how we will live while we are alive.
     Establishing principles for one's own life is how we begin. There have to be some lines we will never cross even if it means our lives become forfeit. Now some will say live to fight another day and that is well and good. But just know your own character and what price you have to pay in order to keep existing. Many who do this later realize that they lost their souls in the trade off. It really always boils down to whether you want to live life with your head up or your head down. I have felt both ennobled and cowardice in my lifetime. None that required me to sacrifice my life for a greater principle but I know both feelings. the ennobled feeling is a powerful one that enriches the experience of living. The cowardice one is hollow and shameful. I know that living a life of a coward is not a life worth living.
     So it is the ennobled life I seek to hold. So when the fear time comes I move past it and stand up for that which will put the fear down. It isn't remarkable or courageous, it is just a choice to do what is right from all of me instead of what may be right just for some of me to survive. The quality over quantity concept. I don't necessarily fear death either, I accept it, though the accepting is very hard when death takes the precious ones away. It is our reality as human beings who are enlightened to know that everything we do is an imprint on who we are. I have chosen who I am and that is who I will defend when the fear comes for me.

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