Monday, August 29, 2016

As time slips away so do our chances (#2768)

     While we were busy living our lives the things we always wanted are slipping further away from us just like our past. Soon enough we will be out of time and the promise of our lives will be left unfulfilled. I have always fought against the dying of the light,, and I suppose I always will. My will to survive is only equaled by my angst at not doing enough in my life. I don't see myself as someone different than anyone else so we all must feel about the same concerning our inability to forge a reality befitting our possibilities. I don't know the deepest meaning of how I became to be here in this existence but I am here regardless and despite my ignorance to my beginning I am purposeful about my present and what the future may mean for those who come after me.
     I have that will within me and so do all of us. We can and should be able to shape our existence to a more appropriate one given our species' amazing uniqueness. I am older now and as such do feel a sense of failure in that my feeble efforts were not near enough to be life changing. I have not given up but I know that I am perishable. My time is shorter now than it has ever been since my first breath. There is no more time for wasting and there is no more time for procrastinating. I must make all my present and future choices judiciously so that whatever progress is made can be the best for what is possible under all the parameters in play.
     If only I could be idealistic and always choose to make happen the obvious best for democracy. I can't because it isn't only me trying to change or keep reality the same. Some have no compromise within them and lead by choosing that which cannot change reality today. There are those who wish to keep everything chaotic because they have found that greed does pay and they are unconscionable when it comes to pain and suffering not affecting them. The battle continues and I feel my time slipping away as well as my chances to be a part of a mighty change that represents what is best about our species and not what crushes our spirit.

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