Friday, August 26, 2016

Being ignorant is no excuse (#2765)

     I know this one real well. I thought I was the king of reasoning until I found out that my perspective was exclusive, not inclusive. Then, like a bolt of lightening, I became aware of what others were facing outside my own preconceived notions about them. I realized that most of them were actually better people than I was. It was just that they were fighting so hard all the time to have a decent life, that I came to realize that they weren't trying to have more than others, they were just trying to survive with the less that they could only get. Our society is not perfect and if anything it favors the few wealthy over the many poor. What I didn't understand was that I thought everyone had the same opportunity to fulfill the American dream.
     So now instead of labeling others or carrying my own personal biases and prejudices around I have shucked them and allow for objective reasoning to guide me. I make no judgment until I see the merit of thought and action. I myself am learning that I am no different than anyone when it comes to having dreams and hopes. So I rail against our unequal society in hopes of bringing about awareness and change for the better. We have the best political system on Earth with our foundation formed in a democratic philosophy where all of us are part of the solution. Surely there is betterment ahead for our political system but we are building on it from strength, not weakness.
     I have said this many times on this blog site. We are biological data processors, all of us. We are the greatest human machine ever devised in the known history of our Universe. It is our nature to learn and know. So being ignorant is a choice that some make because I don't know. Whatever their reasoning about not knowing on purpose doesn't dissuade those of us who do want to know and then do something about what we know. It is another part of our nature to care and with curiosity and care we are more than just existing. We are in constant motion to strive against all boundaries that would prohibit our challenge to expand and being ignorant is not a value that supports our striving.

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