Friday, August 5, 2016

Corporatism hates democracy (#2744)

     There is nothing about democracy that can be held in esteem within the corporate model. Equality, fairness, opportunity for all are not creeds that the corporate world holds dear. Corporatism is a profit oriented formula. Not a democratic oriented defender. We must be clear about how we view business. We have business so that our society can flourish and maintain a semblance of structure. Corporations were devised to protect business interests from within the company. Maintaining profit for the shareholders and more recently the managers is a higher priority than any other concern. We have seen this play out profusely over a short time so the debate over societal good and corporate profit has been exposed and found wanting.
     Corporations were not devised to improve society, on the contrary, they were devised to protect and increase their profit within society. Now some fair minded corporations have chosen to base their charters on the good of society by paying livable wages, promoting clean energy usage, improving their products to safe and modern standards and providing opportunity to all who would either enjoy their product or service or be employed by them. But the few corporations that are doing this does not overshadow the many more who have chosen the more base approach. they do not consider the good of society if it affects their bottom line.
     The bottom line or profit margin is their holy grail. The problem with that is that their product or service may actually be a detriment to the good of society but that isn't part of their calculus. Or the product or service may be good for society but they manage it so that it is not effectively offered to help those that need it most with a reasonable cost. Corporations for the most part are not looking to improve democracy, they are looking to increase their perceived share of wealth. They believe in the free market system of supply and demand with an iron fist. They do not see themselves as servants of society, on the contrary, they see themselves as masters of society.

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