Saturday, August 27, 2016

It takes courage to vote (#2766)

     I know so many people who are not going to vote because of one reason or another. Apparently if they don't vote they don't have to have a position on our politics which somehow makes them feel safe from offending anyone. What a load of crap! Voting is about how we each feel concerning how our nation moves forward. No one should have to cower to others because of their right to be involved in our elections. We all need to find the courage to vote for those visions of our future that uphold democracy and the principles democracy are founded upon. Remember, capitalism is not a democratic principle, it is an economic one, just like economic socialism.
     Know the difference. Democracy is the sharing of equal opportunities with all of our citizenry. Democracy is justice for all with a blind eye. Now that justice I just described is not what we have today. We have several different justice systems and the lower you are on the economic scale the worse it gets. Even on a race scale, if you are non-white your chances of being judged equally with whites is much less. We have some problems in our society and the only way we can address them and make our nation a more democratic one is to vote for those candidates who want to end privilege and advantage for some over the many.
     It is the same in our economic sphere. The many are treated as lesser human beings through low and difficult to live with wages. We cannot seriously fix our nations biases until we vote out the candidates that are maintaining the biases. There are a few in the democratic party and they need to be treated as harshly as the most all in the republican party. But the only way we can begin a new era of greater democracy in our politics is to vote. It takes courage to vote for a better future just like it took courage for our forefathers/mothers to fight for our nations independence at our founding. Register and vote and be proud of your part in making our nation more democratic.

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