Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keep doing the right thing (#2755)

     It is easy to do nothing when their is some risk involved in doing something. I know that feeling right now as a neighbor has an abandoned dog over at his house ready to take him to the animal shelter tomorrow. He is a young medium sized fellow who is about a half year old. I could use another dog as a companion to my present dog Billy. I took Billy over to the side yard of my neighbor to see how they would react to each other. Nothing happened and that was good. Just some sniffing and tail wagging. I have pretty much convinced myself to take this abandoned dog home. I have been trying to put a collar and leash on him but he is so skittish that I haven't been able to by myself. My neighbor left his enclosed side yard unlocked for me.
     So today I will keep after trying to get a collar and leash on him so that I can bring him over to get used to my place. I know he will enjoy it here because not only will I take care of him but I have a very large back yard that borders the wildlife protected Arcade Creek. My current dog Billy is a small house dog who prefers inside to outside, whereas this new little fellow seems to enjoy the outside but will also be allowed to be inside if he prefers. the doggy doors are great. Anyway, that is doing the right thing for me. Making this abandoned little fellow a part of my little family is going to happen and I feel a sense of good about it.
     What I had originally planned to do was find a dog that I chose, but it appears like most things in my life, I will end up with what serendipity furnishes. I also find that serendipity usually ends up being a real gift to me. Hard telling not knowing kind of thing. So I await another chance to get a collar and leash on the little abandoned boy and bring him home to his new house. I still have my newly acquired cat, through serendipity as well, that is hiding out still but we will all figure it out over time.

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