Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Life is more than just a series of moments (#2748)

     Life is just a series of moments is a simple way of saying life is just all about me. Those series of moments are just what happens within life to each of us and not what we could be doing with them to advance our species and the best interests of our species. It is what we do with that series of moments that distinguishes us from each other. Many of us are just content to live life within this particular existence without rocking the proverbial boat so that we get out of it was is best for ourselves. If we happen to get any collateral good for others or society as a whole then that is just a bonus. Well I am not one of those. I am one who wants to leave what is best for others and especially what is good for society as a whole as my priority, not myself.
     I take a more comprehensive view of life. This isn't just about the reality I am able to understand. Life is amazing therefore the idea that we are just here to satisfy our own needs is a bit presumptuous to me. What we don't know is what I am aiming at. By being a more nobler and honorable man I am giving to reality what we humans are capable of regardless if I can define why I am doing it to any satisfaction for others. I just know that we are not here in existence just to be a series of moments without any greater meaning. I have said this too many times already, but we are the most gifted amazing species ever to exist. Our capabilities are so complex and unique that any idea that we are not born for something much more than just existing is contemptibly beneath us.
     So those who live life like there is no tomorrow are missing the point of being alive in the first place. There is a tomorrow and it holds magnificent possibilities. I am so envious of those who will come after me and you. They will truly be on the threshold of knowledge and understandings that will dwarf what we currently think is brilliant. Life is the wherewithal to push beyond established limits and accumulate those features in life that push us even further beyond for generations to come.

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