Friday, August 19, 2016

Live life like a hero (#2758)

     We all know what it is like to be heroic. Many have even displayed heroism through our thoughts and actions. We can all be heroic if we would just stop and look around us. There are so many things we could be doing of a heroic nature. First let's define heroism for those who are not quite sure of the meaning. Heroism: "bravery, courage, valor, intrepidity, boldness, daring, audacity, fearlessness, dauntlessness, pluck, stout-heartedness, lionheartedness; backbone, spine, grit, spirit, mettle; gallantry, chivalry;..."-Google. You can see from this list of synonyms that heroism can take many forms but it must start from a good or great heart. We have to find that comprehensive view, the larger picture where everything is taken into account so that we know where to apply our heroic efforts.
     We know that our societies have been unable to perfect an equality that is deserved by every living soul. So there are no shortages of problems that need solutions. Why we need to be heroic to integrate solutions into our society is that there are many who hold that we are not all equal human beings at the very foundational level. They believe that some races are lesser and that the male gender is greater than the female gender. They believe that we shouldn't be looking out for our infirmed or elderly or vulnerable children as a rule. So the necessity of our courage cannot be overstated. The struggle to change our society isn't just about finding solutions, it is also about fighting to implement those solutions against souls who live life in a psychosis instead of with a healthy and happy mind.
      So it is down to each of us to establish the legacy of our own destinies. We are the authors of the story of our lives and how we live our lives will determine the true character of our persuasions. I choose to be heroic as with all endeavors I embrace. I cannot let the weaker minded ravagers win in a world where democracy has been given to us as a gift. If we don't find the courage to defend our society and improve it we will soon find that we have lost it to the jackals of our world who don't have the principles to live life like a magnificent hero.

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