Friday, August 12, 2016

Living our own lives (#2751)

     I have a set of principles, democracy ideals, that I live by but how I live is all me. Not to say that others haven't lived like me before or now, but I don't know them. I am just me being me. I am not some cookie cut replica of someone else's vision. I have paid a price for my non conformity but that price is insignificant when compared to the freedom and respect I have because of it. Living in a capitalistic economy is not easy for a man who would rather share gifts and rewards than charge for them. But it is who I am and that is that. I do have to be a capitalist is some respects like as a job to make money to pay bills but there is a line I won't cross when it comes to indulgence and greed.
     I have been fortunate to have been born with a robust curiosity that has helped me to become knowledgeable in many ways as well as having been born with a physical nature able to carry my own weight and some of the weight for others. Maybe that is why I don't conform so easily. I see myself as not bound and fettered to a system that is forced upon us. Many must play the economic game in order to survive and that is not freedom. Being given no other option other than non conformity is wrong and that is what I fight against while living my non conformist life. You see I would rather be in the mix with everyone else but in a system that works for everyone, not just a few.
     So here I am moving through life being the best person I can be while also struggling to improve what could be best for all of us. There are many who have conformed to our society who are changing it from within and that is another way to force change on a restrictive immovable system. That is for others to shoulder and my shouldering is on the outside working to make the inside more democratic. Remember I said my principles were democracy ideals? Well I wasn't blowing hot air there. I believe in our nation and the founders who gave it to us. We need to keep improving our America and wresting the privilege and advantage of our economic system away from the greedy is a life long struggle I am in.

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