Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Never stop doing what's right (#2763)

     The trick is to figure out what is right. Many are stuck with the idea that most of us are incapable of determining the course of our futures without their guidance. They are the ones who think that they are superior somehow by their reckoning and are not to be persuaded otherwise. Most of them are in the republican party and feel it is their duty to be our leaders at all costs. Now I know a few people who think they know what is best for me and none of them is even close to the truth. Yet that doesn't stop them regardless of how much I tell them they are wrong. It is a closed mindset that they protect at all costs, even at self destruction and destruction of others to try to prove a falsehood as true.
     They think that their idea of enlightenment is what we lack and they are the only ones who can provide it. I have heard many in my circle of acquaintances say that they cannot understand why many conservatives cannot get what they are trying to logically explain to them. Well, it has to do with them not wanting to hear anything other than their own thoughts. they don't care about truth or logic. They would rather accept rumor and opinion as truth than actual truth. There is always some conspiracy by others that keep their illogical truth from being honored. It is a mental illness that has it's roots in ideology first and then make anything and everything fit to make the ideology seem legitimate.
     I am a man who likes to learn and then pass on that learning as knowledge or wisdom given whatever the ever fluctuating circumstance that is before me. I can admit when I am wrong because I am able to distinguish logic and fact through argument and debate. I have no ideology I am trying to make anyone accept other than the democratic principles we all hold as our nation's legacy. But the republicans keep falling back on the idea of our republic being only for elites who have the right to vote and not those who are not "enlightened". That is why they think they are the leaders of the rest of us dirty masses and we should be thankful that they care enough to order us around instead of a much worse fate.

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