Monday, August 15, 2016

Our future is in outer space (#2754)

     It should be obvious to everyone, whether they wish to admit it or not out loud, that the future of the human being will be to go out into space. We are a curious species and that curiosity is close to being satisfied with what our planet Earth has left to offer. So the next logical step for us is to go out beyond our planet to other spheres we are capable of exploring. Surely the Moon will need more exploring but it also is mostly a curiosity satisfied entity. So Mars it is and out beyond that. We are going it is just when that is the question that needs to be answered.
     Our generation has seen us go out into space for the first time to actually landing on the moon with people. We have rovers and probes on Mars now and the fact that we shall soon set a human foot on Mars is surely sooner than later. The thrust to explore our solar system is being calculated through concepts and probabilities. Our minds are being routed to think in terms of engineering and math as a way to make space travel more realistic. It follows that our educational system is being forwarded to include critical thinking in order to enhance and bolster any and all logically defined new concepts and probabilities into reality. Every human being should be settled upon the idea that learning to be a part of progress in an outer space reality is upon us.
     Not all of us can be part of the next generation of space exploration but our talents and hopes should be contiguous with those efforts. The phrase "manifest destiny" is applicable here. We humans are biological probes ourselves so out nature is to explore and compile data. Of course we are more than probes since we have the minds of computers and can reason, analyze and conclude as well as discover. So it is not a stretch of any imagination to conclude that we are headed for outer space so preparing all of ourselves to be the most efficient and successful at our common purpose would be wise and just.

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