Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our society should be creating opportunities for all (#2757)

     The republican vision of punishing those who cannot be like the privileged and advantaged is not only harsh and brutish but it is anti-democratic. Yet we still have too many people who think the republican vision of hurting folks is our future. Folks who cannot or will not subscribe to the idea of treating strangers as their brothers yet still call themselves Christians or religious are liars and hypocrites! These folks can be found exclusively in the republican party and why they think any democratic minded person would ever vote for them is insane. Not only that but these folks are often biased against non-white persons and women.
     How they again can think that any democratic minded person would vote for them with their prejudice and misogyny as part of their vision is as well still insane. So what many of them have done where they control the levers of state government is restrict and deny opportunities for their citizens to vote where they can concentrate these denials in areas where there are democrats and many independents. If they cannot win through attractive public policy then they hope to win by denying opportunities to vote for those who are attracted to other candidates that are not in their republican party.
     How a once somewhat middle class compassionate republican party turned into a working/middle/poor class hating party is again insane but the evidence is not my opinion nor my logic, it is theirs when they show us their party platform and don't legislate when it is not in their vision. You don't have to take my word for it just look at what they have done when they have had the power to change our society. So those of you who are still clinging to your idea of loyalty to the republican party that you have always voted for, stop! Just look what they stand for and then ask yourself if your loyalty to them is worth disrespecting democratic and ethical principles.

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