Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Protecting the social fabric of our nation (#2741)

     There are many allegations about both major candidates personal behavior. I really don't listen too much to that stuff since I have time to evaluate them myself. Although their personal behavior is not the biggest concern for me. The biggest concern for me is what their policies are. Are they going to treat democracy with respect? Will they protect our nation and our allies from misguided souls intent on destroying us? Will they preserve our social programs designed to nurture our society from cradle to grave? Will they work to help us work and improve our lives? Those are the pressing details I want to know in order to decide who to vote for.
     While we are on voting, who will protect our right to vote? This is what is important to me. My candidate must be a servant of our democracy, not a master of it. My candidate must be willing to sacrifice their own personal desires to preserve the principles of our democracy. My candidate must have the soundness of mind to realize that representing us is not only a duty, but a joy. Now I know that I cannot have every decision my candidate makes align perfectly with my own choices, but I can expect my candidate to explain to me why there is a deviation with logic and common sense. I can still learn and although I know a little bit I don't know a lot more.
     I want our nation to move forward into modernity with a vigor to lead so my candidate must also share that vision. I cannot nor will not abide a candidate that tears down what we Americans stand up for like compassion and curiosity, which are natural to we human beings. My candidate for president, senate, and representative must be willing to work hard to make the lives of all Americans more open to opportunity so that we can each express our skills and talents. Moving forward into our futures is not going backwards, it is thrusting ahead with courage and boldness. Taking what is unknown and struggling to know it. The Universe is our's to inhabit so ordering ourselves to be ready to grasp it takes leaders who will preserve and improve what is best about us so that we all may join in accomplishing it.

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