Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Racism is not acceptable (#2756)

     I still hear the racist reveling stories when I find myself a captive audience. Instead of confronting these who cannot seem to move out of the past I ignore them and not long after they stop. Their own conscience must be telling them something due to my silence. It is irrational to keep living the past as if it were the present. I am not a one-man fix all for these troubled souls but neither am I an accomplice. So once I am able to remove myself from their presence I make sure I am not captured again by their subtle but obvious conversations. These are the folks who cannot see anything wrong in Donald Trump's racism. In fact, they feel that it is time that someone like him stood up and told what they think is the truth. Except that this truth they refer to is not the truth but their subjective version of it that is out of the past century.
     This is why I am not only angered by their inability to live in the real present but I am frustrated that I cannot in all circumstances show them that what they perceived in their youth is not reality now in their older age. It is as if they have been living in a time warp that has stood still for them. I don't get it since some of them have the luxury of education and technology. However, it is not my choice to judge their actions and thoughts. But it is my choice to not be exposed to their beliefs and therefore reinforce them for them by remaining in their presence. I treat them like I treat anyone who has harmed me, I remove myself from their presence.
     I can't in all cases do that due to where I choose to live but I can be less than neighborly with my time with them and only be present with them in circumstances that are of a legitimate necessity. I feel like the only one thing I can do to express to others my dislike and disdain for their views is to remove myself from their presence. I will not be associated with non big picture folks who are more interested in harming people than they are in helping people. It is against my nature.

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