Sunday, August 7, 2016

The big picture (#2746)

     At  no time in the near recent past has a republican ideology consisted of helping the working middle class get better. The purpose of the republican party is to dismantle programs aimed at helping the working middle class. The reasoning is quite simple, they prefer just two classes of society, the haves and the have nots. They see it as the true measure of what capitalism offers. What they don't get is that capitalism is just a tool to be used to better our society, not make capitalism the priority over democratic ideals. If republicans had their way our democracy would be scrapped to favor some version of an authoritarian psuedo religious corporation.
     Republicans get to think like this because they already live in a democracy, the very thing they wish to dismantle, which is oxymoronic of them. Well between republicans wanting to dismantle democracy and evaporate the working middle class system, the rest of us have a clear choice to either let them destroy our civilized society or fight back against them. It seems that we are starting to fight back because of the obvious nature of the republican vision being fronted out for everyone to see. I would hope that our more intelligent society will recognize the choice and be clear about rejecting republican fear based desires.
     We won't know for sure until our election this coming November 8th but we will get a least an idea of it after that date. It just seems to me that being selfish and greedy are not American traits that we would vote to uphold by electing republicans. Yet the past has taught me that we Americans are a troubled lot at times in figuring out what is best about us and what is immediately satisfying to us. Hopefully we will remember the democratic ideals of equality, justice and opportunity and what price has been paid in blood and treasure to preserve them. Republicans don't care about that and if you vote for republicans you are acknowledging that you don't care about democratic ideals either.

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