Saturday, August 6, 2016

We are the stewards of this planet (#2745)

     I have a question. How can we be the masters of our own destiny if we don't take care of our planet? Earth is our home and if we cannot control what we are doing here how can we ever think to control out beyond us? There are many who think that we should not go out beyond and they also think that nature or a god will keep our planet safe regardless of what we do. Well we cannot listen or heed those who think like that. They are the cowards among us and they are the thieves of our future. We must push them out of the way and make them to be still while the rest of us plan and execute policies that not only take us out beyond but that preserve and protect our planet from anti-intellectualism.
     There will always be those among us who fear fear more than they take pride in their curiosity. There will always be those who have a greater agenda of living their lives to the fullest with no regard to any life that comes after them. We can tell who these are by the way they think and act. They are the ones who would deny the rest of us of our manifest destiny to explore and learn new and exciting thoughts. They are the ones who put up roadblocks to progress in the name of what is worst about our natures. They are the ones who would rather see all of us bound to ideologies of the past. They are the ones who would cause harm to both our population and our planet through denial and ignorance.
     Yet the rest of us out number those wayward souls that would restrict us and it is our duty to life and existence to uphold what is best about our species. We are biological data processors that have the capability to reason, analyze and conclude all that which is around us. We were born to utilize our immense powers of comprehensive knowledge to expand outward not withdraw inward. We are the probes in life that will discover the mystical and amazing features that inhabit the boundaries we exist within. We are the measure by which all answers will come and knowledge will continue to expand from. We are the single greatest achievement in the Universe and it is our privilege and duty to express our abilities wherever and however we may.

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